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Wehinahpay STAFF


WHO can be on staff?

  • Staff opportunities aren't only for currently registered members of the Boy Scouts of America. We'll register you by the start of camp for the time that you are employed!

  • The minimum staff age is 16 years old. Heart set on staffing but not old enough? We have a Counselor in Training program for ages 13+ sign up here-

  • Those with special interests or skills in BSA programs.

  • Those with HIGH STOKE!

Every year Wehinahpay Mountain Camp hires nearly 50 staff members in a variety of program and support staff positions. It takes this highly dedicated group of individuals to make summer happen.

You will have the opportunity to change the lives of every scout that comes through our gate.


WHAT does staff mean?

  • Staff at camp are the role models for youth in attendance as well as the reason people come to camp!

  • The list of staff positions and responsibilities can be found here-

  • Camp Staff means you work with, live with and take time off with your closest friends for a whole summer!

  • Bring your friends and spend a whole summer bonding, building your core friend group, learning about yourself and learning about Camp-life

WHERE do staff live?

  • Staff at Wehinahpay Mountain camp are given Roofed Housing for the duration of their contract.

  • For more information about what life here looks like, press go!

  • Our housing is separated by factors like age, position, department, gender identity and general preference. We welcome any questions, requests or concerns regarding the safety of Staff valuables/possessions to ensure the best Staff experience.

WHEN do staff work?

  • Wehinahpay Mountain camp operates our summer program from late May to mid July and are flexible with graduation dates, high adventure treks, prior commitments and family events with the proper communication.

  • The contract length and pay

  • Can't stay forever? Volunteer for a week in your favorite program area! Reach out to us -

WHY be on staff ?

  • Get payed to play! We compensate our staff based on estimated hours your position will work and the minimum hourly wages in NM, meaning you get the most out of the hours you spend doing program.

  • The Resume' builders. "coordinated" "designed" "facilitated" "directed" we understand that our staff have BIG dreams and at Wehinahpay, we like to thank our staff for supporting OUR dreams by cultivating theirs. Let us help you get where you want to go with reference letters and networking opportunities you can only find in Scouting.

  • Whoever said "lifelong friends are found at college" forgot t0 mention summer camp! Make connections with people from all over with the same values and interests as you!


HOW do I become Leadership on Staff?

  • Experience. Whether it's at Wehinahpay or another organization , we have plenty of opportunities for advancement, raises and promotions at Wehinahpay.

  • We're invested in your growth and are happy to help you meet your goals!

  • Wehinahpay provides all necessary Certifications like WFA, National Camp School and Instructor Certifications for our Leadership Team! 

  • Not to mention the special Staff Swag that you'll get!!!

HOW do I get on staff?

Hiring happens in 3 "Waves"

1- Invitation to Staff

            Returning staff and leadership candidates are invited to step into roles that require experience in our camp! There is always opportunity to move up at Wehinahpay. This wave of hiring takes place at the end of each summer, where we offer positions to staff who we'd love to have return next year!  

2- Invitation to apply

            Every year our Camp Staff go to other camps with their troop, attend National Camp School or High Adventure Bases, volunteer their time with the OA and meet people who we'd love to have on our team! Emails and contact information gets collected as we go through the year and in January we send a note asking what you're doing this summer! Staff members who successfully recruit candidates will even get a bonus in their paycheck!

3- Open applications


Already taken National Camp School courses? President of your Robotics club? NYLT and NAYLE staff? Eagle? Self proclaimed knot expert? Do you see yourself at Wehinahpay? We do too! Apply any time for any season!

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