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Summer camp staff is more than a summer job.

So many attribute their time on a camp staff to gaining some of the most useful skills, positive networking contacts, and best friendships in their life.

But what is it really like?


Outside of Work

So, you live where you work? NO PROBLEM!

At Wehinahpay Mountain Camp, you'll have opportunities on and off property to feel like you're away from your job. We know how important it is to relax and unwind at the end of the day and during time off. 

On our property, there is a staff lounge and a lodge where staff can watch movies, play games, make food, and kick back. Throughout the summer there will be some opportunities for staff bonding such as a day at White Sands National Park, game night in the lodge, or a group movie in the staff lounge.

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daily details

Flags Before Breakfast

Quiet Hours

Staff Support

Every day coffee is available to staff starting at 6:30 am in the dining hall.

At 7:00 am we do a flag raising in front of our dining hall. The first one of the week is led by the Staff and after this, by the Scouts. The announcements and camaraderie are a huge part of having a positive start to the day.

All sleeping areas remain quiet and guest-free after 10:00 pm. In the two communal spaces, staff can play music, talk, and remain awake after this time. The staff lounge and The Yates-Johnson Lodge are there to allow others to get some much-needed rest and privacy in their own spaces.


Every staff member has access to resources before camp to help plan travel, what to bring, how to spend time off, and what to expect. Wehinahpay's upper leadership is incredibly involved in every staff member's experience, so you can feel confident that you have what you need to have the best summer of your life!


Every staff member has a bed and storage provided for their time on staff. Roommates are chosen based on a housing survey that you'll fill out upon hiring, age, and gender identity. Wehinahpay has the space to accommodate specific housing needs, as well as spouses or children in some cases. All you need to do is communicate.

Electricity is available in all lodging. 


By the time you leave summer camp, these will oftentimes be your closest friends.



Each staff member has a "thuse fire" (The fire of enthusiasm that burns within us all, lighting the way to a rad time) that must be stoked. This is done in the same way all fires are stoked!

Tinder: Little things throughout the day that start us off on the right foot, easy tasks we enjoy, small moments of rest, and individual thuse.

Kindling: Group activities with your closest friends in camp, mentorship opportunities with your supervisor, and exciting developments in your program area.

Wood: Songs and silliness on a larger scale, Comradery amongst the staff as a whole, Communication between levels of leadership, and great songs and pastimes in your classes and at meals.

Oxygen: The culture that's developed throughout an amazing summer at camp. As you live and breathe the scout oath and law, as we grow as a team, and as the summer goes along, you'll see the Wehinahpay Staff reach its full potential.

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