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We're about 3 hours from the El Paso International airport and about 4 hours from Albuquerque. Be sure to note areas for 

gas/food as they can be far apart in places. However, for a remote mountain experience we are rather accessible.

The mountain roads may pose some challenges, so it's important to speak with leaders who plan on driving. Communicate navigation and timelines beforehand.


Upon registration we will be sending you resources specific to your time with us.


-Tips for winter driving in our area

-Shuttle services in operation 

-Great public lands to camp on 

-Navigation at night on dirt roads


Based on your Group size, Program needs, and timeline, we will put together resources to support the best experience possible while your here.


This means we don't wait for you to reach out, we send the resources to you.


Expect email updates and a resource packet until a week before your visit, this is when we'd like to speak to you more in depth on the phone. This also does a good job of reminding you of requirements you'll need upon arrival.


-BSA Health Forms 

-Any remaining account balance

-Names and payment for visitors

-Order of the Arrow Call out 

-Any class changes


We make our staff available before, during, and after your time at Wehinahpay because we value customer service.


We know you depend on us for information and assistance, and it is a joy for us to respond quickly and adequately. You are not an interruption to our work-day so please reach out if our resources don't give you the information you need.


-Navigation questions

-Accessibility needs

-Program materials and details

-Health and Safety

-Staff qualifications

-Specific accommodations 


Once you arrive our staff will be on hand to give you a tour of camp and help you settle in to your campsite. That way, you will be prepared for the rest of the week.

You will have a print out of your week's schedule and attend a Leaders Meeting for the information you'll need to make the most of your week. All leaders, including SPLs, are welcome to join us.

Throughout the week our Camp Commissioner and seasonal staff are known to check in often. Go to them for anything!


-Scheduling changes

-Campsite or facility needs

-Suggestions for improvement

-Quality conversation


Wehinahpay has temperatures ranging from 45 - 80 degrees in the summer and 10-40. Make sure that your troop packs accordingly. Even if you have a warm sleeping bag, it is not a bad idea to bring an extra blanket just in case. Be aware that while we have warm layers in our trading post, everyone will be much more comfortable having brought what they need.

Weather up here in the high mountains can be unpredictable. Some days we will have a ton of rain (especially in July) and other days we will be fighting heavy gusts of wind. We have experienced hail and sleet during the summer in the past.

Review the weather hazards bsa training or contact us for more pro-tips.

We sit somewhere around 8,500 feet above sea level and some of our hikes will take you well above that. 

One of the main hazards with elevation gain is altitude sickness. Make sure that your Scouts drink plenty of water for the first couple days of camp to help counteract this. 

Be aware- our campsites are all located on the side of the mountain. If you are concerned about accessibility please CONTACT US before registering so we can work with you on that.

Cellular and WIFI

Summer Camp Program: No cellular service is available on our property, but we are happy to provide access to a landline in specific situations. While Wehinahpay does have areas with WIFI they have limited bandwidth. We are managing our camp operations in the summer with that bandwidth and ask you NOT to expect access to it.

We understand that many of our volunteers still have work and family responsibilities so contact us before your stay regarding availability during your Summer Program session so you can communicate that to work and family beforehand.

We do have "Advisors Cafe' which is a time for catching up on emails, communicating with staff or with parents back home, and relaxing a bit from the excitement of program. Here we'll have coffee, cookies and optional activities curated for adult volunteers and adult leaders.

Rental and Off Season Program: No cellular service is available on our property, but we are happy to provide access to a landline in specific situations.With the smaller capacity of our fall to spring reservations, we have a bit more room to give access to bandwidth on our property. With your scouting experience we encourage adult leaders to keep the Wifi passwords to themselves so the youth are able to maintain their wilderness experience. Hunting and Getaway rentals will have a welcome card with specific Wifi information in their personal cabin and rented spaces.

Food and dining

Summer Camp Program: We preform a flag ceremony your first morning before Breakfast and again after dinner. These are both opportunities to meet for announcements and songs. Our dining hall flow is "in one door, out the other" so be sure to pay attention to directions before meals so everyone gets fed in a timely manner.

We welcome and encourage each Troop or Crew to lead a flag and/or a pre-meal moment of reverence as per your council, troop, or family traditions. If you would like to have your group participate, you can sign up anytime during the week at The Maddox Office.

A scout is clean! We ask that all members of a troop or crew act as "hoppers" after each meal. Hoppers help clean there section and notify staff when your ready to leave the dining hall so your area is ready for the next group and your next meal.

Ask EVERYONE from your group if they have any specific dietary preferences, restrictions or allergies as soon as possible. We reach out prior to your arrival so we can accomodate to the best of our ability, so having that information when we call will be incredibly helpful to those whose needs should be met. If parents wish to send specially prepared meals with Scouts for safety reasons, we do have a refrigerator with space available. Please have that individual or individual's guardian contact us directly.

Rental and Off Season Program: Your accommodations will have some kitchen resources dependent on your program needs or reservation. Discuss what you think you may need with your group before registration, so we are better able to accomodate.



 We go out to the post office every day around lunch. Expect all mail to take a day longer than your tracking indicates due to the transfer between our local mail facility and our camp.

Mail will be distributed at meal times and should be labeled with the following information.

Jimmy Smith, Troop/Crew ____

Wehinahpay Mountain Camp

319 Potato Canyon Road

Sacramento, NM 88347

Jimmy Smith, Staff Member

Wehinahpay Mountain Camp

319 Potato Canyon Road

Sacramento, NM 88347

things to do on the way to camp

Carlsbad Caverns National Park

This incredible park features more than 100 caves. Stalactites cling to the roof of these magnificent structures. High ancient sea ledges, deep rocky canyons, flowering cactus, and desert wildlife—treasures above the ground in the Chihuahuan Desert. Hidden beneath the surface are more than 119 caves—formed when sulfuric acid dissolved limestone leaving behind caverns of all sizes.

download (1).jpg
New Mexico Museum of Space Exploration

The New Mexico Museum of Space History is a museum and planetarium complex in Alamogordo, New Mexico, dedicated to artifacts and displays related to space flight and the space age. It includes the International Space Hall of Fame.

White Sands National Monument

Rising from the heart of the Tularosa Basin is one of the world's great natural wonders - the glistening white sands of New Mexico. Great wave-like dunes of gypsum sand have engulfed 275 square miles of desert, creating the world's largest gypsum dunefield. White Sands National Monument preserves a major portion of this unique dunefield, along with the plants and animals that live here.

White Sands Missile Range Museum

At the White Sands Missile Range museum you can trace the origin of America's missile and space activity, find out how the atomic age began and learn about the accomplishments of scientists like Dr. Wernher von Braun and Dr. Clyde Tombaugh at White Sands. Displays also include the prehistoric cultures and the rip-roaring Old West found in southern New Mexico.