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Brave Trails 

Wehinahpay's first year camper program


a scout is brave

This program has been specially designed to meet the needs of first year campers or Scouts who have not reached the rank of First Class. Scouts enrolled in this program will spend all day in this program area with a schedule designed to get them as close to First Class as possible by the end of the week!.
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The “Trail to First Class” program emphasizes basic Scouting concepts and skills, concentrating on the culture and traditions of Scouting to prepare First Year Campers for the rest of their scouting career!


We provide instruction in basic map and compass, woods tools, first aid, cooking, camping, pioneering and other “outdoor living” skills.

Requirements that may be completed at camp include:

Tenderfoot - 3a,3b,3c,3d,4a,4b,4c,4d,5a,5b,5c,6a,7a,8,

Second Class- 1b,2a,2b,2c,2d,2f,2g3a,3b,3c,3d,4,6a,6b,6c,8a,8b,9a,9b,

First Class, 3a,3b,3c,3d,4a,4b,5a,5b,5c,5d,7a,7b,7c,7d, 7e,

Each Scout will receive credit for the rank advancement requirement that they complete at camp. How much a Scout will complete is up to them, and it is very possible that different Scouts will complete different requirements and some may complete more than others. Many of the new requirements from Tenderfoot to First Class are better suited to be taught at the individuals troop level.




The first 8 words of the scout oath are

On my honor I will do my best


Each Scout has an individual responsibility to themselves and thier Troop

Each Patrol has a critter 

Your scout will share this identity with 9 others and find new ways to support and uplift their fellow scouts!


Each session of camp has a special brand for our Brave Trails Participants. The 5 patrols will work together to complete tasks and earn points throughout the week! Making First Year Camper the coolest place to be at WMC


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