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Classic Adventure campsites


Your campsite is assigned to you upon arrival and not before then. We take a few things into account including:

 the size of your troop, how many of each gender you have represented, whether you qualify/ desire to share your campsite with another troop, etc.

For this reason it's difficult to reserve specific campsites, be sure to ask about it during your phone call or via email if this is something you'd like us to consider.

Each adventure campsite has tents and cots for everyone on your official group roster. Your roster must be submitted AT LEAST 2 weeks before your arrival date. Last minute changes? let us know as soon as possible, but know that adding or subtracting a few participants is much easier for us to accommodate when we have your original roster for reference.

Clean running water  and approved restroom facilities are available in every campsite and details such as location, capacity and policies will be communicated upon check-in.

Renting as a non-scouter

-18 and +18 mixed groups:


As we remodel and restructure our campsites and facilities, we're taking into consideration YPT or "Youth Protection" Training. This is a Boy Scouts of America standard that gives us specific guidelines on how to best protect our diverse youth groups. For this reason, we do our best to communicate how this may impact the lodging and experience of school groups, youth groups and families. Any questions? Clarification? We're passionate about these standards and would love to help you out.

21+ groups:


All adult groups are common for Hunting Trips, Weekend Getaways, Corporate Outings and Retreats. We're happy to work with you on accomodations for your activities, training and leisure. Most of our cabins provide separate rooms, kitchen utilites and common areas (our outdoor fireplace is the definition of leisure camping)