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When you arrive at camp, you will be assigned to a campsite. Depending on the size of your troop and how many of each gender you have you may be sharing your campsite with another troop.

Each campsite has tents and cots for everyone in your troop that signed up at least two weeks prior to camp.

Bathrooms are located in or near each campsite. We ask that each troop be responsible for keeping these facilities clean.

Clean running water is available in every campsite.



and Cots

showers and bathrooms

Most campsites share a bathroom between two sites. These are pit toilets. They are each pumped during the summer to keep the smell and fill down. If you notice that the sewage is getting high or the smell too intense, just let us know. Each staff is fully enclosed and has a slide lock.

We have three shower facilities near campsite areas. One near Chism campsite, one near Palo Verde, and another near Geronimo. Each of these buildings have multiple stalls inside and have large enough water heaters that hot water is not an issue. On the outside of the doors is a wooden sign that states which age group and gender is inside at the time. Remember to change it to reflect who you are before entering. Also make sure you knock before going inside in order to avoid awkward situations.

We do have another set of showers in the Maddox office building for leader use. There is also one in the Tech Center, which is reserved for use by females and adult leaders only. These showers are single staff with a locking door.

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