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evening Program

We have designed this camp-wide entertainment so that Troops can enjoy program in the evenings as a whole camp. Make friends from all over as you enjoy music, games, crafts and activities carefully selected to expand your scouting experience.


Monday, Tuesday and Thursday starting at 7:00 PM.


Living History

Watch history come to life. Literally! See how true survival is done in style with a Mountain Man Cabin Tour.

Hear from some of the greats with a visit from these historical people!

- Mountain men 

- Homesteaders

- Dragoon Soldiers

- Cowboys

Take your aim and try your hand at some of the most popular Fire-arms of days gone by with

Black Powder Rifle shooting

Cowboy Action Shooting

Tomohawks and trapping skills

Mountain Man historical cabin


Program Wanderment

Grab your Buddy because it's a free for all!

Enjoy short bursts of activity or hang out in your favorite program area all evening! We call it wandering for a reason.

- Climbing Tower races

- Take-home crafts

- Free Shoot

- Drone flying

- Adventure Park Challenge

- Survival Skills

- Knot tying




Cowboy Campfire at 6:30pm

Overnighters and Sunset Hike partivipants meet at 8:30pm

It's all hands on deck when the cowboys settle in for the night. Prepping the fire, entertaining the group and getting rid of the last two bites are all important tasks that need doing on a cattle drive.

Brand your gear with the Wehinahpay Rafter-W so you know where ya' been.

Listen to Old West tunes and classic rock favorites, ghost stories, and tall tales from the trail performed by our staff; all while enjoying the Dutch oven feast YOU helped make

Dinner and a show! You can't beat this.

Outdoor Movie Screening
sm cookoff_edited.jpg


Movie Night


Trading post open late!

Choose between the two movies that both start at 7pm or take the party back to your campsites for some troop bonding with our game and snack baskets available for purchase in the trading post.

- Get to know me game

- Cracker-Barrel Kit

- Glow Sticks

- Bubbles

- Photo Contest Invitation

Our staff like to take it easy on Thursday nights to gear up for the big end of the week bash!


Take it easy yourself or test your ability to stay up late with our extended trading post hours and stargazing/night-listening program after the feature films.


Starting right after lunch

Meadow Games

Fair Day

Closing Campfire at 7:00pm

- open program: Miss out on anything? all of our programs have something going on


- Art Walk: See the crafts that scouts have been working on all week and even join a raffle for local art!

- Demonstrations: Flaunt the skills you worked on all week! Some merit badge counselors will even offer demonstrations of their own for scouts to enjoy. Green Woodworking, Tree Felling, Welding, Climbing Games and Music!

- Food Food Food: Snacks that aren't available any other time through the week!

- Family Visits: Parents are welcome to purchase tickets to fair day and take a look at what Wahinahpay has been up to all week! Tickets include access to programs, Dinner in the dining hall and a seat at closing campfire.

- Meadow Games: It's staff versus Scouts in this battle royale!

baseball rules in a soccer field with a football... enough said.

welding- submitted by sharon smith_edited.jpg
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