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2021 Leader's Guide

Hey all!

It's here! The Leaders Guide for next summer! As I mentioned in the Leaders Meeting last month, this guide not only goes over details about next summer but it details our plans in case we aren't able to run normally due to COVID-19.

Right now, we have 3 plans lined out in this document. We are doing this in order to follow in line with the Scout Motto of Be Prepared. We don't know what the future may bring but we know that it is important to be ready for it when it comes along.

We plan on sending out an email to all registered leaders on December 1st and March 1st to update everyone on the status of camp and the plan we will be going with. Between now and camp we will work to keep you up to date on everything that is going on.


WMC Leaders Guide 2021
Download PDF • 1.08MB

In case you missed the Leaders Meeting, here is a recording of it:

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