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Tips for Fall Camping

The leaves are changing color, temperatures are starting to cool, and the outdoors is calling to many of us. Here in New Mexico, State Parks have just been opened for business and many of us locals are looking to get lost in the woods for a bit, especially after so long indoors.

Personally, I love fall camping. There are no mosquitos, less competition for sweet campsites, fewer noisy neighbors, more active animals, and later mornings so I can sleep in a bit more and still see the sunrise. On top of all this, nothing beats sitting around a campfire on a cold night, sipping a hot drink.

Here are a couple of tips I like to think of when going out on my own.

  1. Watch the weather

  2. Layers are your friend. Bring additional warm clothing and blankets just in case.

  3. When hiking, remember that the sun goes down much earlier than usual.

  4. Personally, I like bringing pre-cooked food because I don't like preparing food in the cold.

  5. If it gets really cold, you can pour hot water into a nalgene and put it into your sleeping bag. Really helps you have a warm nights sleep.

Hope that inspires you to go camping this fall! It's a great time to get out there.

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