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The 2021 Gameplan

At Wehinahpay Mountain Camp, we believe that it is more important than ever before that Scouts have an opportunity to have a camp experience. Because of this, we have put together a plan with three different options for different scenarios that we might be in by the time camp comes. Our goal is to have a safe in-person camp if it is at all possible. Barring that, we want to make sure that the Scouts have something to keep them involved in the program during the summer months.

Option 1: The Cohort System

In cooperation with the CDC and American Camping Association, the BSA has come up with a plan called the Cohort system, which gives us some of the best odds of being able to run an in-person camp. In this program, a troop will arrive at camp together and will stay together through the week with limited contact with other campers. At Wehinahpay, the troop will travel together to an area where they will be able to choose from one of two options. One of these options will be a merit badge and one will be something fun for older Scouts. This class will be a one-time 3 hour class. After they are done with their morning class, they'll move on to lunch and then on to their afternoon class in a different program area.

While this system does take away some of the choices a Scout normally would get to have, it also gives us some great opportunities for all campers to be able to participate in some programs that normally might be hard to get into because of their popularity. One of these programs is the mountain man program, where scouts will have the opportunity to throw tomahawks and make their own knives.

Option 2: Limited Cohort System and Virtual Camp

New Mexico has stronger health orders than many states and it is not outside the realm of possibility that the order might end up being that only New Mexico residents can attend our camp this summer in person. If that is the case, we will scale back to two weeks (week 1 and 5) in person and weeks 2-4 will be held virtually.

If this turns out to be the case and you don't want to do the virtual camp, we will get you a refund on what you've paid.

Option 3: All Virtual

This would be a situation similar to 2020, if the health department says that no one can come to camp. We've learned some valuable lessons on how to provide fun classes from our camp this summer and our virtual troop meetings this fall. While this isn't what we want as our first option, if it comes down to this, we will make sure your Scouts get as much of the camp experience as possible. This will be a very different experience compared to what they are getting at school.

Again, if it comes to this and you don't want in, you can get a full refund.

We are excited to see you up at Wehinahpay this summer and thank you for your patience as we do our best to keep you and your scouts safe while following state health orders.

Thank you.

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