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Sweet Summer of Mine

Registration is open and summer is ever approaching! Are you ready to make memories here at camp that you won't forget? Whether this is your home camp, rich with prior traditions, or your first time visiting, ripe with new opportunities, we welcome you to Wehinahpay.

Wehinahpay offers a variety of experiences throughout the year. We'll be kicking off the summer with programs such as "Wheeled Sports" (pictured above). This program will teach participants valuable skills such as equipment procedures and safety, basic handling of mountain bikes and ATVs, and respect for the environment during these activities; all while having a rip, roarin' good time!

Do your troopmates think they're too cool for school? Well, we introduce the "Trades-Cool" program (pictured above) where participants learn the fascinating aspects behind hands-on professions such as robotics, electrical engineering, welding, and more! For additional information on our awesome programs available this summer, check out our Program page by clicking the button below.

Let's get to cookin' up the memories of a lifetime on the registration page! We can't wait to see you at Wehinahpay.

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