Programs For Leaders

Leader Training

Various adult leader trainings will be scheduled throughout your week at Wehinahpay Mountain Camp. These trainings vary from Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmaster Leader Specific training, Climb on Safely, to Trek Safely. Leader trainings will be posted at camp for all interested parties. 

Wehinahpay Mountain Camp Participation Award

You don't want to sit around in your campsite all week and neither do we. The Wehinahpay Mountain Camp participation award may be earned by both adults and youth. To earn this award, you simply participate in various activities that happen throughout the camp. Its like getting an award for having a good time!

Leader Cookoff Contest

Showcase your cooking skills in our leaders' cook-off contest which is open to any adult leader. Whether its a pot of homemade chili, grilled brisket or apple cobbler, make plans to participate in this event. There will be separate categories for entree and desserts. The winners will receive a special edition embroidered apron at the closing campfire. After judging, all leaders will be invited to partake of the prepared delicacies.