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Wehinahpay Mountain Camp COPE Area Zipline

More than a summer camp

Wehinahpay Mountain Camp Conquistador Council Artwork

Wehinahpay Mountain Camp was designed to facilitate unique mountain experiences for all stages of the Scouting program. 

Situated over 8,500  feet in elevation and shaded by tall pines, Wehinahpay boasts an array of accessible programs ranging from relaxing to exciting to challenging.



While the highlight of our calendar is our Nationally Accredited Summer Camp Program, our property is an excellent venue for Troop outings, training courses, and getaways.  Whether you love to fish, go camping, or sit in the shade; this is the place for you!

Look at our reservations portal to see the available camp sessions, rentals, and events.


Two staff and a camper at Koertner Climbing Tower. Date 2022
Humming birds on the Maddox building's porch.

Unique Opportunities

Lifelong Impact

Mountain Air

Take on an activity that you'd be excited to tell your friends back home about.

"You'll never guess what I got to do this summer!"

Many discover lifelong friendships and future careers through Scouting. Find passion you would never have thought about in our camp programs and activities.

Our location is optimal for a true mountain experience and is a great place to prepare for bigger adventures and our temperatures are as mild as our lake is calm. Use our base camp as a practice trek or to meet advancement requirements.


Camping Simplified

Versatile Facilities

The First 8 Promise

We give you options that allow you to plan your experience or let us do the planning for you

For large events or intimate gatherings, we have designed our camp to function effortlessly. Looking for something specific? Send us a message with any special requests, we'd love to work out the perfect solution as a team.

"On my honor I will do my best"

To us this is more than just the first 8 words of our Scout Oath. We act this out in our facilities, pricing, and service year-round. 

Older Wehinahpay Moountain Camp banner
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