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Behind the Scenes

For the 14 (or 13 with parent and Scoutmaster Approval) to 17 year old who knows that camp staff is in their future, wonder what it would be like to help teach their favorite programs, or simply want a more cost effective way of spending a summer at camp... sound like you? The C.I.T program is the way to go! 


Assist staff in offering quality program in many areas.

Live on Staff hill for your time in camp.

Have access to staff amenities like our staff kitchen, WiFi in the staff lounge, and electricity in your cabin!

Start your career early: Our C.I.T.s get a full career preparation course while they're here and leave with a Resume, Cover Letter, Reference Letter and application pro-tips for other work opportunities in scouting!

Merit Badges

Earn while you Learn

Our property and the Lincoln National Forest are the classroom. Merit Badges and Activities are the curriculums. While you're a C.I.T. you have the opportunity to earn Merit Badges, participate in program and enjoy plenty of outdoor leisure and adventure.


This program truly is the best of both worlds!



Make the perfect Merit Badge schedule and get into classes even if they're full.

Spend your mornings with other C.I.T.s and your afternoons in the areas that most interest you.

Learn from the best: Our Program Counselors are qualified in many things outside of the regular Merit Badge offerings. Take advantage of their knowledge with classes not offered to anyone else!


Just a visit?

Second Home!


Is your Unit coming to camp for one week? Do you have an already busy summer and are strapped for time? Need something to do on either side of your family vacation? Sign up for 1 week at a time!


Single Week

No Out of Council fee, No late fees, No worries!

First week: $300 Sunday 1pm to Saturday 9am

These rates include all program fees for the C.I.T's class and our requirerd Certification Fees (CPR and Red Cross First Aid), 2 Staff shirts, Staff Neckerchief, C.I.T Patch and Staff Photo. 

If you know you'd like to spend consecutive weeks with us, we have a discounted rate for you! If you are interested in learning the secrets of "The Highest Stoke," spend a whole summer with us and truly become a part of the family!


Multi-Week Rates

Flat rate:  First week $300 

every week after costing $150


Available for staff developement? That week is free! 

So how much would a whole summer cost? $1,050! 

These rates include all program fees and Certification Fees (CPR and Red Cross First Aid), 2 Staff shirts, Staff Neckerchief, C.I.T Patch and Staff Photo. 

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