Awesome Programs to try!

By Greg Anderson

After your first couple camps, things can begin to look very similar at every camp. This year at Wehinahpay, we are adding some fun new features to our camp to help break that feeling up!

All Inclusive

Before I dive into some of the new classes at camp, I just want to mention that there are no more class fees at Wehinahpay. Normally, camps charge you for some of the more premium merit badges. We have decided that we don't want to do that any more. From now on, all classes are free. No more having to collect extra cash from families, no more last minute trips to the trading post for supplies. We are hoping to make camp an easy prospect and this is our first step.

Mountain man

This half-day class will take you on a hike into the woods where you will find our world famous mountain man cabin. You have a chance to unwind from your other classes as you shoot black powder rifles, construct your own knife, become a master fire builder, do action archery, and throw tomahawks.

I really love this program. You get the opportunity to get further out of camp. The atmosphere up at Mountain Man is much more relaxed and laid back than at anywhere else at camp. Whenever I go over there, I feel like I've been transported back in time to a simpler place. Though all the activities there are cool, I'd say my favorite part is the knife building. You put together the handle and you're able to fashion it how you'd like. It's very cool.

If you've got some time, see why people travel to Wehinahpay just for this program.


Automotive maintenance

This is a class that I am really excited for this year. Having heard of the success that other camps have had with this program, we are very excited to bring in automotive maintenance. We are going to have a car set up in the Tech Center. Scouts will get to learn some basic maintenance and repair that will come in handy for them down the line.


This 2 hour course covers all the Welding merit badge. You will get to learn a lot of the fundamentals and end up leaving with some pretty cool projects you've created. Not only is it a ton of fun, but it is a great life skill to have. Remember to bring long sleeved shirt and pants and thick boots.

Game design, chess, and plant science.

In addition to welding, we are going to be adding a few other classes you might not have seen.


In game design, we give you an assortment of board game pieces and sports balls and let you make whatever game comes to mind. Great for for those looking for indoor adventure.


Speaking of which, due to the high demand from customers last year, we will be bringing in Chess merit badge. Not good at it or don't know how to play? No problem. 

Image by Tim Mossholder
Chess Pieces

High adventure Park

Last year, we built an awesome new High COPE Course near the dining hall. Feel the need for an adrenaline rush? Want to prove you can do something big or conquer a fear of heights? Sign up for this once in a lifetime experience

The course is suspended in air over 30 feet in the air. You will traverse obstacles as you pass through on your way to our four ziplines that crisscross the valley. Definitely worth a try.


Okay, at this point you are tired of hearing from me so I will keep this one short. We have an awesome horsemanship program that you should try out. We bring in professional horsemanship teachers to instruct you on the skills to make you a natural on a horse. It's worth your time.

Hope that helps,

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